This Time: A Nadira Holden Novel by Azaa’a Davis

In a little over a month, the debut novel for my good friend will be dropping. To get some hype going, I’m happy to help her by sharing some details. Here is a little bit about the author, Azaa’a Davis:


Crunchy mom and indie author. Born May 28th. African American / Caribbean American. Native to New York. Currently living in New Hampshire.

I am a stay at home mom by day and a writer at night. I usually write between the hours of 11pm and 3am, 2 to 3 nights a week. My dream in life is to write popular fiction that inspires people. My goal is to earn enough income to buy a house, live debt free and ensure that my husband and I always have careers we are passionate about.

Reading a fantasy novel at age fourteen changed my life. It sparked my imagination and woke me up. I developed a love for reading, discovered a love for writing, and remembered my love for drawing. Reading helped me dream big, and create opportunities for myself.

I started writing This Timea story about a demon hunter and those who love herin the spring of 2017.  I have about four new story ideas at different points in development that I am excited to finish and publish. My aim is to publish one book in 2018, and then two books in 2019.


Next, here is a blurb about This Time: A Nadira Holden Novel:

Children of Orion, the secret protectors of mankind, trained Nadira in the ancient art of demon hunting. Since then, Nadira built herself a fearsome reputation by banishing every demon she has encountered and killing the strays who transgressed against humans. Then, she died in battle.

Now, Nadira has been resurrected in present day New York, where demons have apparently made peace with humans. Forced to rejoin the endless fight for the souls of mankind, Nadira is told by the Children of Orion that she is their weapon in the fight to expose the demons as the hellspawn they are.

Can Nadira remain a beacon of light for other paranormal hunters, even with her mysterious, post-resurrection blackouts? Or is she a few bad deeds away from losing her humanity and tarnishing Children of Orion’s reputation for good?


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